King Borgia’s Dilemma


Part 1:

Once upon a time, in the world’s first global monarchy, the King had a problem. Despite the fact that it was the most technologically advanced Kingdom the world had ever seen, and despite the fact that he was the most powerful man in the history of the world, he was not satisfied.

King Borgia had finally achieved what all his ancestors devoted their lives to achieve — complete global domination. King Borgia had inherited this system which his ancestors had created thousands of years ago. The key to this system’s power was that it harnessed all the best thinkers and scientists, and did so without them knowing what their work went to achieve. The Genii over the millennia would not have put their work in the service of men who sought global domination — thus the genii were never allowed to know to what end their achievements were aimed.

Together, over millennia, the King’s ancestors built Plato’s ideal state: highly efficient at achieving whatever the leader deemed to be the most important goals in his lifetime. So, over thousands of years of inter-generational efforts, each leader of the Philosopher Kings had inherited the weapons created by the proceeding generation. In turn, each leader of the Philosopher Kings would inherit weapons to defend against meteors; to control the weather; to create or stop earthquakes; or tsunamis. But more important than these weapons, were the weapons created for the manipulation and control of other people’s selves. Thus, King Borgia inherited the ability to control most of the threats that nature, and humans, had presented to his kin for millennia.

The technologies that could directly, or indirectly, control humans were subtle. They could manipulate any person the King chose to aim these weapons upon without the victim being aware of his influence. He could control anyone: be they malicious criminals or rebellious individualists, i.e., those who rejected having anyone influence the exercise of their volition, i.e., those who sought to fully control of their own self.

King charged also charged his unwitting servants — the genii — with inventing and perfecting life extension technologies. Thus King Borgia was hundreds of years old. But what about the quality of his life?

Part 2:

One day the King, his courtiers, jesters, genii, spies, and all of his minions were busily doing what they’d do each day – dominate organisms of all varieties, reshaping all matter to serve the King’s purposes. On this day a very strange creature came up on the radar of one of the King’s top servants. She was an astoundingly beautiful woman, but so were  many of the women the King has seen in his hundreds of years of life. However, this woman’s physical beauty was not what caused her to show up on the radar. She came up because the Quantum computers had been tasked to ferret out the answer to this question: “Who is Public Enemy Number One.” After the King’s top servant — Max — sounded the alarm, a meeting was called for all the King’s top advisors. The agenda was to have each advisor submit their models or profiles of this “Public Enemy Number One” to help the King determine the best way to deal with the threat to his person and his Kingdom.

All the King’s advisors, except one, advised the King on ways to destroy the threat. The King felt confident that any one of his advisor’s plan would crush his beautiful enemy. So, he set off to deliberate and choose the method of extermination to use on this unusual pest. Being a connoisseur of what he liked to think as justice, he called for the entire collected, lifetime profile of his enemy. In his war room he studied her glamorous photos; read of her background; and studied her world-view.

In the process he discovered that this new enemy was the progeny of another of his old enemies who was a woman who he’d disposed of decades earlier. Her name was Alice and her knick-name was “FluffY” because she was so serious, tenacious and brilliant. Discovering that the new enemy was just a newer manifestation of “Fluffy” the King felt at ease with his ability to defeat her. No longer alarmed, he informed his servants to get back to work on other projects and that the planning of the demise of this daughter of Fluffy could wait. He and his servants went back to more important work. For example, King Borgia and his minions were in the middle of strip-mining Jupiter and building more rings around Saturn — among other things.

Time passed in the Kingdom and one day Max — the same advisor who dealt with the discovery of “Public Enemy Number One” — realized that Fluffy II had made inroads that were not predicted by the very extensive modeling that had been done of her. Specifically, she’d gotten herself tied in with some of the most valuable men in the Kingdom and was influencing them. These were men working on the state-of-the-art domination technologies for the masses; otherwise known as metaethics, ethics, morality, dramatized morality, and psychology. So Max tried to call Fluffy II to the King’s attention, but the King was busy with his favorite past-time (which was to engage in sexual activities with very young gorgeous girls (called “birds” in this Kingdom). Max knew not to disturb the King when a sign was lit above his door that read: “This bed is filled with baby birds.”

So, Max, together with his closest friend Yakie, decided on their own,to tag-team this woman into submission. They decide on the manner in which they would deal with her threat to their King. Yakie convinced Max that they should pay her a personal visit. As the King was highly appreciative of initiative they thought this initiative would eventually be truly appreciated. They realized it was risky to visit her in person but thought it necessary because the modeling of Fluffy II had proved to be inadequate at predicting her future threatening activities.

Upon their first meeting, they were surprised to find that she was receptive, friendly, funny, and delightful to be around. She was truly YAR. But despite their fondness for her they decided to go through with their plan to set up a relationship with her — becoming trusted advisors — so they could then steer her in a certain direction. That direction was to get her to sacrifice – according to her standards, virtues and values. This was the normal, and consistently used method for neutralizing enemies of the Kingdom. Thus, armed with the method that had worked for thousands of years, they were confident that they would be able to subdue her.

Many months, and then years went by. They felt that progress had been made, but one day something happened which proved they were wrong. Despite getting along very well and being very friendly with Fluffy II, and despite that they had given her some bad advice which she’d taken to her detriment, one day she stopped talking to them completely. She refused to meet them and refused to take their phone calls. Now, this was not totally surprising as they were in the throws of ramping up their efforts to manipulate and sacrifice her. But they didn’t think that she’d noticed; nor that she would react by cutting off all communications; thus cutting off their access to influence her.

Having once again modeled Fluffy II incorrectly, Max and Yakie decided it was time to explain their failure to King Borgia who was still very engrossed in his projects to dominate the universe (plus his favorite pastime). Disheartened, they warned the King of their failure and of her escalation in her efforts to do exactly what the King and his servants feared she’d do: spread her methodology, or teleology, of objective self-control to others.

Part 3:

Upon receiving Max and Yakie’s report, King Borgia realized he’d underestimated Fluffy II. Having an enemy who he could not easily defeat was a new experience for him and he was irritated – but at the same time fascinated by this enemy’s ability to defeat his ancient, time-tested, systems of control. He decided to again have a conference with his top advisors, this time at an island retreat. He wanted to brainstorm with them on the best way to deal with her.

At the retreat power-point presentations were made where the reoccurring theme was that the King must resort to heavy handed tactics to gain the upper hand over his adversary. Max and Yakie disagreed. They were the one’s closest to the enemy and most aware of her strengths and weaknesses, and they attested to the futility of a heavy-handed approach.

A cloud of resignation and despair permeated the retreat. The King and his advisors liked to think of themselves as “The Masters of The Universe” and in many ways it was true. Yet, they’d now encountered a problem they didn’t have any means of dealing with – except of course, outright annihilation of the enemy. Yet strangely, none of them wanted to kill her. This was unusual for these men and this King as this Kingdom was literally built on the casual and easy use of physical violence whenever anyone opposed the King’s agendas.

What to do? The King decided to take matters into his own hands. He ended the retreat and sent his advisors back to their posts to take up the daily maintenance of and expanding of the Kingdom.

Still on the island, the King’s servants set up his usual sexual faire with “Baby Birds” but the King was inexplicably uninterested and told his servants to send the girls away.  The King had a personal motto which was “Impulsive by Nature – Deliberative by Choice.” Upon his deliberations, he realized that Fluffy II was a serious problem so his pleasures would have to wait. He knew that if ANY person refused to serve and obey him then it set the worst precedent possible and threatened to undermine his power and thus his entire kingdom.

On the other hand, he noticed a bit reluctantly, that the intransigence in the face of the subtle threats that his minions had made clear to her; and by her ability to detect and outmaneuver his psychological weaponry, he felt truly alive for the first time in decades. This was the strangest feeling the King had ever had. On the one hand, he was invigorated, alive and hopeful. On the other hand, there had never been a greater threat to his Kingdom.

His kingdom was built on the model of a ship: ONE captain and a strict hierarchy of minions — minions who slavishly obeyed him for the good of the ship and each voyage. He knew he must remain in TOTAL control as he knew himself to be the oldest, wisest, most experienced, most qualified to lead the Kingdom. There were still many threats to the Kingdom that he was convinced only he could stave off these threats. He believed there must be a MERIT SYSTEM where the person most qualified to lead is the King. And indeed he was right: he was the most experienced and competent in achieving human SURVIVAL.

In the King’s deliberations he realized that the survival of his system was necessary but what was the end that he was aiming his system at? He knew he got his need for COMPETENCE met more thoroughly than any man who had ever lived. And he knew that his need for AUTONOMY was satisfied more fully than for anyone before him. But what about his need for RELATEDNESS? And in this contemplation he started to realize what his dilemma really was this. “What was the point of surviving for a very long time if one is – by the very nature of the system – required to be acutely lonely?”

The King deliberated on this question for a long time.

Despite the fact that allowing any other person to have autonomy threatened his system, he decided to find out if there was any chance to keep his system intact and at the same time, not crush Fluffy II. He felt such affection for and camaraderie with her knowing that, were the roles reversed, he would react as she’d reacted to his oppressive system.

As the King sat contemplating what to do, Fluffy II appeared on a screen on his wall. He stared at her wondering if there was any way she could join him given that his minions had subtly tried to destroy her — even trying to get her to help them. This was his favorite method to destroy a human, i.e., to get the person to help him destroy their self.

Was there now any way to join forces with her? She was already alerted to the King sending in his minions to try to wreck her ego so now she was on guard and would, naturally, block any attempts to influence her. It was a “Mexican Stand-off.”

After much deliberation, King Borgia decided to use his latest weapon for control: he would read her mind, not only to get an advantage over her, but he hoped she would have some notion of how to reach a detente between them.

More coming eventually…

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